The Perfect Boy Myth Redux | Imaginarium was written and directed by artist and filmmaker, Liberté Grace and shot by Australian Cinematographer, Joel Peterson. A fairy-tale film with historical references to Nazi Germany, including a chilling story from the Vietnam war and inspired by the Cronulla Riots of 2006 in Sydney. In this film, Grace plays upon familiar fairy-tale archetypes; integrating historical references to real-life events. Grace explores the darker side of the idealism at the basis of cultural programming within traditional archetypal story-telling. The Perfect Boy Myth Redux | Imaginarium showcases the work of a creative team of over 100 people from all over the world who contributed to creating this story of a small racist society of orphaned children ruled by a charismatic child who claims he will, ‘protect them from evil’ and ‘bring the great mother back to life’.

xhibited at Roslyn Oxley Gallery, 2015

Art Basel - Hong Kong, 2015