This site specific work is an interdisciplinary event with various artists responding to the below questions.

“ What is our relationship to our natural surroundings in contemporary society? What does home mean for us now? Is our relationship to home different to our relationship with our natural environment? What is home not?

These questions come from the notion that in the west we distinguish nature from ourselves by naming it; this contrasts with Indigenous cultures that have no such word for “Nature”. We propose that this is in part perhaps because of different ideologies, that indigenous cultures consider themselves as part of the land, inside it, of it and connected to their surroundings and that of the greater whole. We are investigating the idea that it is from this definition that we in the west separate ourselves from the natural world and create the concept of “the other”. 

     A collaboration with Fiorella Cordella, Amelia Ducker, Jo Leishman and Kate Sherman; with Leisa Shelton as Provocateur and the invited artists yet to be confirmed.