Two sisters prepare for society. One punch at a time.

Animal is an investigation into violence towards women. We ask what is it to be female today and what the expectations are of gender in contemporary society. It is a highly physical and visceral work made up of a series of rituals carried out by two women in an attempt to prepare one another for the outside world. Are they sisters, twins, friends, are they lovers or haters, renegades or rebels. Animal asks “what do women have to do today to be able to walk in parks alone”? 

Animal has been developed in Albury (Hothouse), Mallacoota, Lyonville, Rubicon, Circus Oz, the Abbotsford Convent and has been supported by Arts Victoria.

Collaborators: Susie Dee, Nicci Wilks, Kate Sherman, Angus Cerini and Kelly Ryall

“The dedication of these artists to their subject matter is far beyond what most artists are willing to give. A truly extraordinary piece of work. See this show.” ★★★★ ½ Arts Hub

“A remorseless, haunting dramatic vision. Director Susie Dee proves once again, as she did with The Long Pigs, her mastery of physical theatre.” ★★★★ The Age

“A remarkably spare, distilled and forceful piece of theatre.” The Australian

Green Room Awards 2017

WINNER: Best Direction, Independent Theatre

WINNER: Best Ensemble, Independent Theatre

WINNER: Best Sound Design, Independent Theatre

WINNER: Best Lighting, Independent Theatre